Lemon Haze

A hybrid between Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze is called Lemon Haze. It contains a 70:30 sativa to indica ratio, making it a sativa-dominant hybrid. The strain has 0.38% CBD and 17% THC.

Its distinct yellow tinge comes from amber hairs penetrating through the trichomes in the green and yellow buds. Regarding fragrance, it is noted as having a freshly cut lemon scent. With hints of citrus, the flavor is much the same.

In addition, Lemon Haze leaves a long-lasting pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. It’s not surprising that Lemon Haze is a potent strain given its lineage. It should not be taken lightly, and those who are easily frightened should avoid it.

You will feel extremely euphoric and happy which is why it is often recommended when you have had a rough day. However, the strain is also known for its uplifting effects. But it will leave you a bit mellow and relaxed, a few more hits and you may even start experiencing symptoms of couch-lock.

As for Lemon Haze’s medicinal properties, it is quite effective at treating depression, stress and chronic pains and aches. However, Where to buy or how reliable all of these questions will be solved from here.