Buy Sour Diesel Strain In USA

Buy Sour Diesel Strain In USA

Buy Sour Diesel Strain In USA,

Sour Diesel is an iconic sativa-dominant cannabis strain that gets its name from the pungent, diesel-like aroma that some may compare to gas or skunk. Aside from its dank nature, Sour Diesel is renowned for being its fast-acting, long-lasting effects. Specifically this strain can assist with pain, appetite loss, stress, or mental anguish, making it celebrated by recreational users and medical patients alike.

From the early ’90s, although unconfirmed, considered to be Original Diesel (ChemDawg ’91 x [Massachusetts Super Skunk x Sensi Seeds Northern Lights] x DNL (Northern Lights/Shiva x Hawaiian).

Sour Diesel has many terpenes but Limonene gives it the citrus flavor and allows it to pair great with different types of foods. It’s unique terpenes allows it to pair well with cognac, champagne and bourdon.

Sour Diesel Strain Effects

Happy 62%

Uplifted 54%

Euphoric 53%

Energetic 50%

Creative 43%

Helps with
Stress 37%

Depression 28%

Anxiety 28%

Pain 23%

Fatigue 13%

Dry mouth 34%

Dry eyes 19%

Paranoid 10%

Dizzy 8%

Anxious 5%

Where The Sour Diesel Is Grown
No one really know where Sour Diesel comes from. The cannabis horticulturist Ed Rosenthal thinks the strain’s originated when a Mexican Sativa made love to Chemo which produced the wonderful Sour Diesel strain. Since New Yorkers love Sour Deez so much we are going to drop the map pin the hear of this city. Remember Sour D is not from New York so please don’t write us if you are in your feelings about where this pin is dropped. Plus don’t quote us and say we said it was from NY. It is not. But it should be because Sour Diesel is the local favorite in Brooklyn, Harlem and Washington Heights neighborhoods of New York.
Sour Diesel Strain – Frequently Asked Questions

Is Sour Diesel strain indica or sativa?
Sour Deez is a sativa dominat hybrid strain.

How much THC in the Sour Diesel strain?

Sour Diesel has 16% – 20% THC.

What does the Sour Diesel strain help with?

Sour Diesel helps with pain, fatigue, stress, depression and more. It is an uplifting strain.

Does Sour Diesel get you high?

Yes, Sour Diesel gets you high.

How does Sour Diesel make you feel?

Sour D makes you feel energetic, creative and uplifted. This is a great strain to smoke if you want to be creative.

How does the Sour Diesel weed strain taste?

Sour Diesel has a peppery, earthy and herbal tastes. It’s terpenes would go well with food. Use it to make cannabis butter and other edible recipes.

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