Colombian Gold Strain In USA

Colombian Gold Strain In USA

Colombian Gold Strain In USA,

The Colombian Gold is an old school strain whose glory days started in the 60s through to the 70s. And, The landrace strain has stood the test of time to remain among the most sought-after hybrids currently.

In addition to, Its stellar reputation has made breeders eager to use it to produce various modern-day strains like the Orange Bud, Haze, AK-47, and the original Skunk #1.

Origin, THC levels, and genetic composition

This landrace strain originated from the Santa Marta Valley in Colombia. Furthermore, It was smuggled into the United States in the ’60s and ’70s. Since then, it has been used to breed numerous strains. However, Despite its breeding role, the Colombian Gold is also a potent strain with THC levels of 14%-20%.

This strain has a Sativa dominance of 90%-100%.

A landrace strain is an original cannabis strain whose genetic composition has not been altered. Also, Landrace strains are the foundations from which modern-day strains are made from.

Over the years, they have gradually adapted to the terroir or local environment. Not only but also, Landrace strains are usually named after their place of origin, like the Colombian Gold, Thai, Durban poison, etc.

Experiencing Colombian Gold

It is regarded as the perfect wake-and-bake strain. Colombian Gold gives its users a powerful cerebral high that can be considered a more powerful alternative to an espresso shot.

The landrace strain elevates creativity levels and focus. It keeps a consumer active enough to complete all of the day’s tasks regardless of how mundane they seem. Intellectually-demanding tasks seem easy to accomplish with this strain.

The effects last for an extended period, which guarantees a prolonged sense of happiness and well-being associated with the strain.

Appearance, aroma, and flavor

The appearance is typical of a Sativa plant with small to medium-sized flowers.

The leaves are loose, pale green, and surrounded by bright orange-hued pistils. The resin-filled buds are covered with sticky, crystal-like trichomes.

The trichomes have a golden glow, making them look like they have been touched by King Midas. This explains why the strain is referred to as Colombian Gold.

The smoke produced when Colombian Gold is lit is harsh, and consumers may experience some coughing. It is also very pungent. Moreover, This landrace strain is not discreet, which makes it hard for a person who values discretion.

It has a skunky, citrus, tangy, and citrus flavor. The aroma is hashy and earthy with some herbal aftertaste

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