Dark Horse Strain In USA

Dark Horse Strain In USA

Dark Horse Strain In USA,

Dark Horse Genetics is an American seed company and home of the world-famous Bruce Banner strain. Founder and cannabis breeder Jack Holck was responsible for developing, breeding, and fine-tuning Bruce Banner to produce not one, but five of the original, privately selected phenotypes.

Since then, the reputation of Dark Horse Genetics has grown significantly, with people all over the world excited to try not only the original Bruce Banner, but the rest of the company’s ever-expanding catalogue. Dark Horse Genetics pride themselves on creating new and exciting strains without the glitz and the glamour of modern cannabis marketing. Instead, these guys let their weed do the talking.


From the early days of breeding in his basement, the founder of Dark Horse Genetics has expanded the catalogue beyond just Bruce Banner to include dozens of regular seeds, all with unique genetics and exciting phenotypes. Grape Smash, Hulkamania, Chem Lem, Joe’s Lemonade, Strawberry Sour Diesel—all of these strains deliver unbelievable flavours from a grower that’s been honing his craft long before cannabis seeds were widely available online.

Listening to the origin story of Dark Horse Genetics, it’s hard to imagine a world where growers have to tunnel out (by hand) a basement grow room for cannabis cultivation. But in the days of rampant cannabis prohibition, these were the steps required to ensure you could experiment with plants freely. However, we’re glad that Jack did, because his creation (Bruce Banner) changed the weed game for the better.

From these humble origins, Dark Horse Genetics has maintained the values that make them unique. All of Dark Horse’s seeds are now available worldwide via several American retail premises’, online seed banks, and, of course, 420truleafcartandkush.


Bruce Banner is the strain that put Dark Horse Genetics on the map, so it’s only right that we take a closer look at its conception. But first, we should point out why Bruce Banner is such a legendary strain. In a word—potency.

Bruce Banner #3 is a phenotype with godly THC levels (sometimes as much as 30%), making it one of the strongest seeds on the market. And to think that such a strain was created as a side project by a grower with very little experience. Jack had no intention of creating such a game-changing strain; instead, he just wanted to have fun with two sought-after strains—Strawberry Diesel and OG Kush. And after bidding in a private auction to get hold of them, the legend of Bruce Banner began.

It took several years and a few iterations to get the privately selected phenos right, but Jack felt that Bruce Banner #3 gave the best balance of potency, flavour, aroma, and high. For several years, Bruce Banner was exclusive to Dark Horse Genetics through their Colorado retail store. Jack even remembers a time shortly after the strain’s release when he had people queuing down the street just to get a small amount of bud.

In 2014, High Times magazine listed Bruce Banner #3 as number nine on their list of the 25 greatest strains of all time.

After seeing the success and desire for high-potency strains, Jack finally released regular Bruce Banner #3 seeds into the market for other seed banks to experiment with. Fast-forward to today, and dozens of cannabis strains now feature BB3’s incredible potency, high resin production, and hefty yields.


The definition of a dark horse is “a little known contender that makes an unexpectedly good showing”. For Dark Horse Genetics, that’s exactly what they are, solidifying their position as a seed bank of legendary status from the humblest beginnings.

It may have been Bruce Banner that put Dark Horse Genetics on the map, but since then, they’ve proven time and time again that their marijuana seeds represent some of the best phenotypes around. Regardless of your preferences, there’s bound to be a regular strain for you to experiment with.

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