OG Kush Wax


OG Kush Wax

Highly Potent. OG Kush derived

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OG Kush Wax/ Buy OG Kush Wax

Buy OG Kush Wax, This marijuana concentrate is made from concentrated OG Kush flower and contains 75-90% THC on average.
Like the OG Kush strain, it offers the distinct “chem” and “kush” flavors you’ve come to know and love. Buy OG
Kush Wax
It also offers a happy, uplift mental effect and gentle physical relaxation that lasts for hours at a time. Therefore,
making it a great choice for medical patients and recreational users alike.
OG Kush Wax is made by using BHO extraction. When dabbed on a quartz nail, this wax releases a thick and
herbaceous yet peppery vapor that tastes a lot like the OG Kush flowers themselves.

Wax is also among the most potent cannabis extracts and features superior flavor when compared to many other essential oil preparations, including glass-like shatter. Though, shatter may feature a greater cannabinoid potency overall.

Wax is potent, with THC levels ranging from 75vto 90 percent THC. Compared to the amount of THC in a single joint, this percentage is colossal. As you might expect, the high from cannabis wax is also much stronger.

How Do You Smoke Marijuana Wax?
Buy OG Kush Wax | marijuana hash | hash plant marijuana

Wax is smoked using a specialized water pipe called a dab rig or an oil rig. To smoke cannabis wax, a dollop of wax is loaded into a metal wand-like tool, which is aptly referred to as a “dab tool” or “dab wand”.

This small glob of wax is placed onto a heated hot plate, which is referred to as a nail. Of course, this nail is quite different from one that you would use when building a house. Instead, a dab nail is often made out of heat-safe titanium, quartz, or ceramic and it is used in place of a traditional flower bowl when smoking extracts.

Concentrated extracts like wax require substantially higher temperatures to combust than plain ol’ flower. So, this nail is typically heated with a torch similar to what you’d use in the kitchen when making a creme brulee. Once the nail is hot, the wax is “dabbed” onto its surface while the consumer simultaneously inhales through the water pipe.

If vaporizing wax, the cannabis concentrate should not be heated to higher than 446℉ (230℃). 446℉ is the point of combustion for cannabis products (learn here how to clean a pipe, believe us, you’ll need it).

If you want to smoke wax, or any other cannabis concentrate, in a regular joint, then go check out what 420truleafcartandkush has to offer. This newly established California-based brand is changing how we consume concentrates by offering a full line of rosin-infused pre-rolls.

With 420truleafcartandkush, you can enjoy a premium solventless concentrate without needing an e-nail or a dab rig.

How To Smoke Weed Wax In A Dab Rig
Buy OG Kush Wax | marijuana hash | hash plant marijuana

A dab oil rig makes the high almost instantaneous. While taking a puff or two of a joint is akin to skipping on a beer, a dab is the cannabis equivalent of taking a shot. The effects are immediate and potent.

Thanks to the high levels of THC in cannabis wax, there is also a greater likelihood of experiencing anxiety, paranoia, and racing heart from these products. Of course, many veteran consumers love the mellow yet heavy-handed experience that wax dabs provide.

Here’s our pick for the best electronic dab rig you can find right now: the Puffco Peak. Features like intelligent temperature control, speedy heat up, and hand-blown glass vapor paths make the Peak the best alternative for dabbing.


15gm, Oz(28gm), QP(113.4gm), HP(226.8gm), lb(453.5gm)


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